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A Note From The Owner, Jim Clines…

I have been in the courier business since 1969. The courier industry is very competitive and ever changing. I have worked for the major delivery companies in Cincinnati and I have found one consistent thing – there is nothing really different in any of these companies. The only big difference is the people who work for them. I have always thought that service is the number one priority, not price. Although, good service and cheap rates do not go hand in hand. I have always thought that if you give customers the best possible service then a good rate is always acceptable.

My thinking in this business is to be very personable and dedicated to my customers who are, in turn, loyal to my company. Loyalty in this business is based on pricing and service.

To develop a good business relationship you need two things: Honesty & Trust, which is the basis for any good relationship.

I hope my dedication and experience can be of service to your company.

Thank You & God Bless,

Jim Clines